Gowdy on Mueller Probe: "Whatever You Got, Finish It The Hell Up"


Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Thursday at a tense House Judiciary Committee hearing with Rosenstein and FBI director Christopher Wray, amid a months-long battle where congressional Republicans are trying to conduct oversight of the Department of Justice and how the FBI handled the various 2016 election cases.

"We’ve seen the bias, we need to see the evidence," Gowdy said about the Mueller probe, which Rosenstein ordered and oversees. "If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury. If you have evidence that this president acted inappropriately, present it to the American people."

"So this is where we are. We’re two years into this investigation, we’re a year and a half into the presidency. We’re over a year into special counsel. You have a counter-intelligence investigation that’s become public. You have a criminal investigation that’s become political. You have more bias than I have ever seen manifest in a law enforcement officer in the 20 years I used to do it for a living. And four other DOJ employees who had manifest animus towards the person they were supposed to be neutrally and detachably investigating," Gowdy said, shouting at Rosenstein.

"Democrats are using this investigation as a presumption of guilt, which I find astonishing and in the long-run, for the health of this republic, I would encourage them to go back to the presumption of innocence that we use to hold sacred," he continued. "There’s a presumption of guilt, there’s a desire by Democrat senators to fundraise off your investigation. More than 60 Democrats have already voted to proceed with impeachment before Bob Mueller has found a single, solitary, damn thing. More than 60 have voted to move forward with impeachment, and he hasn’t presented his first finding!"

Gowdy concluded: "Whatever you got, finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart."

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