Greg Gutfeld: Trump Is Succeeding And It Is The Media's Nightmare


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: All right, let's take an inventory. Unemployment nonexistent, check. GDP soaring, check. Trade imbalance addressed, check. Nuclear threat reduced, check. Terror seems at bay, check. Things are looking up and why is that?

If only the flag had arms to hug him back. It feels like a good run for everyone. It is. Satisfaction with the country's direction has reached a 12-year high while trust in the mainstream media drops to another low, which could be why the press has gone nuttier than an elephant's diarrhea. Thank you. Thank you. That means it worked.

For as it becomes harder to deny something is working, the harder the media works to show something is wrong. So how do you smear America as the third Reich when it is not? You lie. Take TIME magazine's cover. This weeping young girl became the media's poster child for the evil Trump's separation policy.

But it turns out, she was with her mother the whole time and her mom, according to dad, took the child without telling him. Now, maybe your husband is bad, I don't know, but I do know the media spread this photo like a common cold just to keep the evil alive. Meanwhile, a feverish dolt is coming for you.

DONNY DEUTSCH, HOST, MSNBC: If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you not Donald Trump, are standing at the border like Nazis go, "You here, you here," and I think we now have to flip it and it's a given the evilness of Donald Trump, so that if you vote, you can no longer separate yourself.

GUTFELD: That is the next step. Everyone is a Nazi. Now, remember, once you brand someone as evil that allows for any or all behavior. You can show up at people's homes because they are Nazis, you can threaten their kids because they're Nazis. You could shoot Congressmen because they are Nazis. Funny, the people shouting "Nazi" to a great job impersonating them. If Donnie Deutsche got any dumber he would be two Donnie Deutsches.

Because what he was mad about actually happened before Trump. The only change is the guy in office. Brooke Baldwin, a rare exception, she got it right.

BROOKE BALDWIN, ANCHOR, CNN: Here is a question for Democrats, so many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages, the thermal blankets, and the facilities housing these kids. You know, they were all there in 2014 under President Obama. And my question to you, Senator Baldwin is, did you up against them then?

TAMMY BALDWIN, US SENATOR, WISCONSIN, DEMOCRAT: You know, on this issue that we get into a moment where we're making progress and then when it stalls we turn around.

GUTFELD: I don't think those were words. Talk about a deer and the headlight. That senator, she just got mugged by the truth in broad daylight. So, people now care about the problem because it is Trump. Good, imagine if you have four more years of some Democrat, the human trafficking that happened only under Obama would still be largely ignored. It is true. This abuse happened while he was president. Even the liberal website, Snopes, agrees but then the press forgot that they covered it because amnesia will not interrupt her anti- Trump tantrums.

So, now Trump owns while trying to stop it and solve a greater problem. Fact, long-term fixes have short-term setbacks. Adults get this, children never do, and by children, I mean the media. Their outrages unaccompanied by an adult solution. We know separating kids from parents, that's is bad, leaving kids with traffickers that's worse. But I applaud those who are waking up to an issue they slept through under Obama, but Trump is exceeding and that's their nightmare. And even if Trump compromises, it is not enough. And there again, the goalpost is on wheels.

Here is the current liberal opinion. Split up a family temporarily, you are a Nazi. Keep the family together, you are also a Nazi. But as for a solution, they freeze. They do not need solutions, all they need are feelings. He is a former Obama official explaining how to solve the immigration problem.


JILL MORRISON, AMERICAN ACTRESS: I wish that I could bake a cake make out of rainbows and smiles and we'd always be happy.


MISS NORBURY, CHARACTER, MOVIE, MEAN GIRLS: Do even go to this school?

MORRISON: No, I just have a lot of feelings.


GUTFELD: That is all you need. So, the left calls Trump Hitler as Trump handles North Korea, trade, jobs, tariffs et cetera. That is the opposite of Hitler. He's a Gandhi, an orange Gandhi, which is why the left is losing it. The latest of course is Peter Fonda. Yes, he has lost his motorcycle and his marbles. This brain-dead basket case suggested kidnapping and assaulting Donald Trump's child. What did I say before? Deem someone evil and you can do anything to him. And so the liberal manifesto has been boiled down to two words - "F" you. Actually that's one letter and a word.

But instead of professional suicide, Fonda has a movie coming out. What Roseanne did was zilch compared to this. The double standard thrives, but it's not just Fonda, every celebrity. They are all dull conformists, they think alike, talk like - at times, they even walk alike. Here they are on the red carpet.

No wonder they hate Trump. He's a bigger star and he is more entertaining. What would you rather watch? Sarah Sanders reducing Jim Acosta to a puddle? Or Peter Fonda trying to eat peas? It is all I can take. But it's not about kids really, it's about 2020 and a willingness to cleave a country over it. Luckily, America gets it. A new poll has a large majority believing the media is inherently biased.

As optimism in the country is grows and as more people reject the mainstream media, journalists get furious like mean girls uninvited to the prom. Hence the mental chaos, the threat to Trump's son, shout outs to Hitler. Tweeted pictures of death camps, the world is crumbling. It began when Trump was elected, when Paul Krugman and his ilk then predicted of course, economic collapse. Wrong again you jackasses. The economy is on fire which is the only reason you can afford therapy.

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