Donna Brazile: Trump's Focus On "Guns, Immigration, Religion, And Race" Will Backfire


Former DNC chair Donna Brazile weighs in on President Trump's midterm strategy, on ABC's 'This Week' roundtable with George Stephanopoulos:

DONNA BRAZILE: Well, first of all, I think this is the same playbook that President Trump used in 2016. He used guns, immigration, religion, and race. And already we've seen with take-a-knee campaign that he is using that. He's going to use all four of these issues, I think, to continue to mobilize his base.

A funny thing is happening, George, is that he's losing -- while he's gaining Republican support, he's losing independents. I don't think it's going to work. I think it's going to backfire eventually.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But his Republican support, Matthew Dowd, is kind of remarkable. I mean, he's up in the high 80s, 87 percent. As I said earlier, only George W. Bush was higher among Republicans.

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