ABC Roundtable Debates Melania Trump's "I DON'T CARE, DO U?" Jacket: What Did She Mean?


George Stephanopoulos hosts ABC's Jon Karl, Cecilia Vega, and Matthew Dowd, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former DNC chair Donna Brazile to discuss Melania Trump's infamous and mysterious “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” jacket:

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's one of the communications failures. There seems to be so manybreakdowns of the process, Cecilia. And that brings me back to -- because it was just such a strange, strange sight to see the first lady in that jacket.

VEGA: I don't know that I have seen more of a head-scratching moment in an administration where we scratch our heads a lot covering them then that jacket. Everyone in the press briefing room where we work -- there were audible gasps.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Can't be an accident. It's not possible.

VEGA: It couldn't -- this is not an accident.

KARL: Absolutely impossible.

VEGA: ...this is not an accident. The question is -- and the answer that we don't have is -- to whom was this message directed? Was this at the media, like the president said, and there's absolutely no evidence that that's the case. Was this at -- to him? We don't know.

Nonetheless, whatever it was, it completely took away from the story. She was down there to show that she cared about undocumented immigrant children being detained on the border, and we end up talking about a coat.

BRAZILE: You know, it doesn't matter what the First Lady was trying to say, you know what it did? It distracted us from talking about these children. I wanted to hear her talk about the babies. Are they being held? Are they being fed? Is someone changing their diapers. It distracted us from what her message was was to go down to the border to show compassion and show the American people someone is taking care of these children. That jacket was a huge mistake.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you to know how it happened?

CHRISTIE: No, I don't know how it happened. But I'll also say this, and I have saying this before to the folks in the room, you know, part of it is our fault, too. Because, you know, she did get on the plane and go down there to see for herself what was going on. There's to question in my mind she was major motivator in that White House behind the executive order and pushing the president to do that and getting him away from the DOJH interpretation of all this.

And so -- but we spent 75 or 80 percent of our time, depending on what outlet you looked at, in the last couple of days talking about the jacket.

The fact is, this woman is bright. She's hard-working. And she's compassionate. And she went down there to show that the Trump family, in her name, cares about these kids and these families.

VEGA: But then why did she wear that jacket?

CHRISTIE: Listen, you'll be shocked to know looking at me that Melania doesn't consult me on her fashion choices.

DOWD: This was not just a jacket, this was a sandwich board. This was like the equivalent of wearing a sandwich board with a message that you wanted to say, which to somebody -- and whoever it was, it was wrong -- whether it was to the press, who are basically responsible, or the reason why we're

talking about this. And if it wasn't to the press, it was to somebody else.

She was wearing it for a specific reason. She may be the most compassionate, wonderful person in the world. She wore that jacket for a reason.

KARL: But it's also -- nobody else went to the border. The president didn't go to the border. The attorney general didn't go to the border to meet with those kids. The department of homeland security secretary didn't go to the border. She went to the border to meet with those kids.

CHRISTIE: And the first lady deserves credit for that.

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