CNN's Kirsten Powers: Melania Trump Acting Like A "Teenager," "Needs To Grow Up"


CNN political commentator Kirsten Powers weighed in on First Lady Melania Trump's jacket choice for her flight to the border on Thursday. She said Trump is acting like a teenager and needs to "grow up." Powers advised the first lady to "talk to her husband and work things out."

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked the audience to imagine if Michelle Obama did such a thing.

"Grow up. I'm sorry. How old is she? This is like high school stuff," Powers said.

"You're absolutely right," Bash chimed in.

"She's like a teenager, literally," Powers continued. "Like this is something a teenager would do. Although, honestly, a teenager that was a child of a president would not do this, typically. So, she needs to grow up if that's what she's doing and she needs to talk to her husband and work things out because people are going to see this around the world. How does this feel to people who are watching this and seeing this and they've been separated from their children and she thinks is the most important thing."

Kirsten Powers on Melania Trump: "She's officially the Marie Antoinette of this administration.

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