CNN's Wolf Blitzer Grills ICE Director Thomas Homan Over Family Separations At Border: "Is This Policy Humane?"


CNN's Wolf Blitzer pushes ICE Director Thomas Homan on whether the policy of separating immigrant families at the border is humane and what needs to be done to fix the issue.

"From your perspective, and you have a distinguished career in law enforcement and we’re grateful for the important work you did, but is this new zero-tolerance policy that the president has supported that the attorney general announced, is it humane?" Blitzer asked.

"I think it is the law," Homan said.

"I think what's inhumane… is to have your kids smuggled into this country," Homan said.

"The parents are making a choice. They're choosing, they are taking it upon themselves to enter illegally and have the children taken away. So if anybody is to blame here, it is the parents who made a decision to break the law."

"We're just enforcing the law," Homan repeated.

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