Trump: Amazed Strzok Is Still At FBI; Comey Was "Ringleader" Of "Den Of Thieves"


President Trump made a surprise appearance on 'Fox & Friends' Friday morning, where he commented on the North Korea negotiations and the Justice Department's inspector general report on the Clinton email investigation, among other things.

The IG report revealed even more text messages from controversial FBI agent Peter Strzok, in which he vowed to "stop" Trump from becoming president -- and appears to have worked with as many as five FBI employees to try to do so. "The text messages and instant messages sent by these employees included statements of hostility toward then-candidate Trump and statements of support for candidate Clinton," the report said.

In the interview with Fox's Steve Doocy, Trump made it clear he considered Comey the leader of those "minions."

"I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves," Trump said, but he noted he was popular among the "real FBI."

"If you took a poll at the FBI, [I would win]," Trump told Doocy. "I mean the real FBI, not the scum on top."

"I don’t know how Peter Strzok is working there anymore," Trump added.

Full report:

2016 Election Final Report 06-14-18 0 by Geoffrey Rowland on Scribd

TRUMP: Look, we have 13 angry democrats. There are -- I call them 13 angry democrats and others work for Obama for eight years. I mean they have no republicans, you have no -- it's a very unfair situation but the I.G. report totally exonerates. I mean if you look at the results and if you look at the head investigator is saying we have to stop Trump from becoming president.

Well Trump became president and we have the best economy today we've ever had. We have much greater border security than we ever would have had. And when we do it -- when we have the laws changed it will be like perfecto.

DOOCY: Rudy says that you should not talk to a lawyer.

TRUMP: A lot of people say that. Look...

DOOCY: Getting the I.G. report and stuff that's going on.

TRUMP: They're getting people who say something a little bit off. It is a nice day? Well, you know no it's not a great day. Oops, you lied. He goes you know got problems.

DOOCY: What...

TRUMP: People are afraid of that and I would like to talk but it seems to be very biased.

DOOCY: One of -- some of the texts and we're not going to quote them were very...

TRUMP: Vicious.

DOOCY: Vicious regarding people who support you.

TRUMP: Vicious. I have the greatest supporters in the world. By the way, they're the smartest, they're the hardest working. They pay taxes. They're incredible. They're loyal. I have the bikers, I have the construction workers. I have them all. I have -- by the way I have the FBI.

You go into the FBI and take a poll of the real FBI, not the scum on top. Not Comey and that group of people that are total thieves.

DOOCY: Most of those are gone.

TRUMP: Well, I don't know how Peter Strzok is still working there to be honest with you.

DOOCY: He's working in H.R. This is...

TRUMP: That's even worse.

DOOCY: Mr. President, this is your FBI.

TRUMP: I know but do you know what I've done and you know this. I've told you this. I'm so involved, great new secretary of state, just -- I have a fantastic relationship now with North Korea. There were missiles being thrown about.


TRUMP: People aren't thinking about it anymore. I said on the Department of Justice, I would stay uninvolved. Now I may get involved at some point if it gets worse. I say I'm staying uninvolved. I'm letting this report go through. I did nothing wrong. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no one...

DOOCY: But Mr. President I was on Capitol Hill yesterday and there are a number of congressional republicans who are, they are trying to get some documents from your Department of Justice, your FBI.

TRUMP: I tried to stay involved. I may not stay involved, again uninvolved. Because they have to get the documents, look I think everybody...

DOOCY: But your FBI is stonewalling.

TRUMP: I think that road -- rog...

DOOCY: Rosenstein.

TRUMP: Rosenstein thinks that you have to get the documents. I really believe that. I saw him yesterday. He gave me a briefing. It think that he believes you have to get the documents.

DOOCY: What did he say regarding the I.G. reports?

TRUMP: Well, he wasn't thrilled about it. I mean you know you can't be if you're in there now. But it really was talking about the past. It's not talking about us. It's talking about before us. And it's talking about the election.

What they did during the election was a disgrace. It's probably never happened in our country before. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. What's going to happen when we go further? And there was total biased. I mean total biased.

DOOCY: From what you've seen so far should James Comey be locked up?

TRUMP: Well, look, I would never want to get involved in that. Certainly he, they just seem like very criminal acts to me. What he did was criminal. What he did was a terrible thing to people. What he did was so bad in terms of our constitution in terms of the wellbeing of our country. What he did was horrible.

Should he be locked up? Let somebody make a determination. Look at all the dishonest things that crooked Hillary did. Look at what's gone on. It's very sad.

DOOCY: Sounds like he was using a private e-mail too.

TRUMP: He had a private e-mail. That was of all the things, that wasn't to me maybe the most interesting. But it was probably the funniest.

DOOCY: Because she got in big trouble for her private e-mail. Oh, James Comey's using one too.

TRUMP: That was a little bit of a surprise I have to say.

DOOCY: Yes. From what we've seen though regarding the I.G. report it sounds like Comey made some bad judgments but nothing criminal.

TRUMP: Well, if you look at what happened -- and don't forget all of these people like Strake (ph), what he did was criminal. Strzok and so many others. McCabe is now...

DOOCY: Do you need to bias the analysts?

TRUMP: Oh, they all work for Comey. And Comey knew everything that was going, then you think McCabe didn't tell him everything? McCabe told him everything. And McCabe is up for criminal right now.

DOOCY: And now he's suing the Department of Justice.

TRUMP: And he's now suing. And it's a total mess, they're all going against each other. No I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole, you know den of thieves. It was a den of thieves.

DOOCY: Are you confidant that either through the congressional investigators or the I.G. report, or new management at the FBI things are going to work out?

TRUMP: I think so, I think so.

DOOCY: Things are cleaning up and we'll get to the bottom of all that stuff?

TRUMP: I do believe so. I think its happening. It's happening slowly. But it's happening. I think Christopher Wray's a very different from Comey. Which is what you need, you need different. You need like the opposite. And he's moving step by step. And you're going to see a whole new very proud FBI.

I think that the Justice Department will end up being -- it's all going to happen. It's all going to work out. But I tried to stay as much uninvolved as I can.

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