Trump: Seeing "UNEMPLOYMENT AT 44 YEAR LOW" On Drudge Report Made Me "Very Proud"


President Donald Trump praised news mogul Matt Drudge during a Friday morning surprise interview on Friday morning's edition of 'Fox and Friends.'

"I saw a headline on Drudge, I think, this morning," Fox News host Steve Doocy told Trump. "Unemployment at a 44-year low."

"Drudge is great, by the way," Trump said. "Matt Drudge is a great gentleman, who really β€” I don’t know, he’s got an ability to capture stories that people want to see."

"But that was the number-one story on Drudge β€” 44-year low, unemployment, and I saw that in very big letters, and I said, that makes me very proud," he continued.

Drudge is the founder of the influential Drudge Report website, which posts links to news stories from around the web.

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