'Judicial Watch' President Tom Fitton on I.G. Report: Don't Trust The Media, Read It Yourself


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins Tucker Carlson to talk about the Justice Department inspector general's report's findings in the handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Fitton said the 500-page I.G. report is "the beginning of the story" and "the connection between Peter Strzok, the Clinton emails, and the Russia investigation has yet to be investigated by the I.G."

"Judicial Watch uncovered the Clinton email scandal," he explained. "So it is disheartening to see documented evidence of the FBI and DOJ bending over backwards to protect Hillary Clinton, and deferring to her on virtually every issue, and deciding early on not to prosecute her, and just go through the motions of an investigation. Despite all the evidence we had uncovered that she knew what she was doing was inappropriate, she was warned by her national security team not to do it, and she did it to avoid disclosure and accountability."

"All of which points towards guilt, when you're trying to figure out what her intent was for mishandling classified information," he a said. "It is incredible."

"I think your viewers need to look at the report themselves, don't trust the media analysis of it," he also said. "The documentation shows the Justice Department was desperate to protect Hillary Clinton, at the same time these [Peter Strzok] texts indicate was gearing up to go after Donald Trump."

"Compare and contrast what was going on with Hillary, and what was going on with then-candidate Trump. These same people were working with the Clinton campaign venture Fusion GPS to target and spy on the man!" Fitton said.

Full report:

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