Full Replay: 'FOX & Friends' Steve and Peter Doocy Wrangle Interview From Trump On White House Lawn


FOX News Channel's father and son reporting team, Steve and Peter Doocy, managed to entice President Trump to walk onto the North Lawn driveway of the White House Friday morning to be interviewed on 'FOX & Friends.' The president reacts to the IG report's accusations against former FBI Director Comey, new China tariffs, his relationship with G7 leaders, immigration, Mueller's Russia investigation, North Korea and more.

Full replay:

DOOCY: The president of the United States is coming up the driveway in front of the west wing, and I've got a feeling this is going to be really noisy as everybody's got a question. And there is -- oh good, Peter Doocy, who made a cameo earlier is bringing him this way. That's awesome. Every single reporter here at the White House is now heading to the Fox booth. All right.

Hi, Mr. President. Mr. President. Whoa! Over here... Oh, this is great. You've got some excitement out on your lawn today. Hello, Mr. President.

DOOCY: What brings you here?

TRUMP: Are we on already?

DOOCY: We're on. We're live.

TRUMP: Wow, wow. That's good.

DOOCY: We're actually -- we're on every channel.

TRUMP: We had a very exciting trip over here I have to say...

DOOCY: Mr. President, I don't think in the history -- anybody ever know the sitting president come out on the North Lawn?

(UNKNOWN): Never.

DOOCY: Never, never happen.

TRUMP: Secret Service is thrilled, as I stand here, look at these guys they're ready to..

DOOCY: Yes. I feel very secure. You know what, he's just...

TRUMP: This is definitely your son. By the way I looked at him -- I look at him. There's no question that's your son.

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