Gorka: President Trump Engaged In A "Geopolitical Restructuring" Plan


Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka comments on the "larger strategic" significance of President Trump's foreign policy and explains how everything is part of one "geopolitical restructuring" plan. On Tuesday's edition of the Sean Hannity Show.

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Everything the president has done in just over 500 days is bigger than the specific event.

The cruise missile engagement in Syria, that is not just a message to Assad's regime, that is a reassertion of American leadership. It sent the message to North Korea, it sent a message to Iraq, it sent a message even to other countries such as Russia.

Every single strategic act has a larger strategic message to the world, and that is why this presidency -- with the team, it is not just one man. There is Pompeo, Bolton, Mattis. They have achieved...

Let's remind ourselves: He's been in office less than six months (sic?). You'd be proud of these results at the end of your second term as president. He's not even halfway through his first term...

If I may, all of this is a geopolitical restructuring globally, whether it is the Mideast, here in Asia, or in Europe. And America leading in front.

For eight years, the [Obama] White House said we were not going to lead, we're going to have strategic patience and lead from behind. And what happened? The world was in flames. Thanks to Obama, we had 65 million displaced people in the world.

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