Bernstein: Trump Expected A Ticker Tape Parade After Summit, He's The President Of His Base Not America


Carl Bernstein said Wednesday night on CNN that President Trump expected a ticker tape parade on the return from a summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore earlier this week. When he didn't get it he took out his anger on the media, the former Washington Post journalist said.

"I think Donald Trump came back from Singapore expecting a ticker tape parade and wanting a ticker tape parade and when he didn't get it, and he should not have gotten it, he came not un-expectingly, after the press," Bernstein said. "The conduct of the press, whenever he raises it, it sounds with his base, he's the president of his base not the president of all of America."

"But more important who he's really mad at if you talk to people around him, are the Republicans who we, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX put on the air after the summit who questioned his conduct at the summit, who were horrified, these Republicans, at what he did in Canada," he added.

However, even Don Lemon didn't believe the assertion that the president expected a parade. Bernstein undeterred said Trump expected "great congratulations" as he believes he is an infallible leader.

"He can't be that naive that he expects a ticker tape parade, come on, Carl," the host said.

"Actually, I think he does expect -- he projects a kind of infallibility that he expects an awful lot of people to go along with. Yes. I think he expected to have great congratulation," Bernstein responded.

Look, he ought to be congratulated for initiating this dialogue with this ruthless ruler, and if anything can come from it, great," Bernstein lamented.

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