President Trump's Video Message To Kim Jong Un: "A New Peaceful World Can Begin Today"


In Singapore, President Trump treated North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to a Hollywood-style movie trailer directly for him, and "two men, two leaders, with one destiny" to bring peace to the world. YouTuber Brendan Grenley pulled the clip from the livestream. The White House appears not to have publicized the video, which was intended for Chairman Kim.

"History is always evolving, and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference," the narrator of the video says. "But the question is — what difference will the few make? The past doesn’t have to be the future. Out of the darkness can come the light, and the light of hope can burn bright."

"Destiny Pictures presents: a story of opportunity."

"Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? Be the hero of his people?" the narrator says, apparently referring to Kim. "Will he shake the hand of peace and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen?"

"There can only be two results, one of moving back, it said as images of missiles flash across the screen, "or one of moving forward," showing the missiles landing and the lights coming on in North Korea.

"A new world can begin today. One of friendship, respect, and goodwill. Be part of that world, where doors of opportunity are ready to be open, investment from around the world, where you can have medical breakthroughs, an abundance of resources, innovative technology, and new discoveries. What if? Can history be changed? Will the world embrace this change? And when can this moment in history begin?"

"It comes down to a choice," the narrator explains. "one this day, at this moment, the world will be watching, listening, anticipating, hoping."

"Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? Will he be the hero of his people? Will he shake the hand of peace, and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen? A great life, or more isolation? Which path will be chosen?"

"Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, in a meeting to remake history. To shine in the sun, one moment, one choice, what if?"

"The future remains to be written."

"I think he loved it," Trump said of Kim’s reaction to the video in a press conference a few hours later

Korean version:

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