Lieberman: Trump's North Korea Summit Was A "Success"


Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said what the Obama administration did with the Iranians is a "template for what not to do here" in an interview on FOX Business.

LIEBERMAN: Well first, I think the summit in Singapore was a success. Some people will say – I’ve been interested overnight, President Trump is getting criticized from the left and right, which makes me feel good actually. But the point is, how much can you expect from the first meeting between two nations that have been totally separated, two leaders who are hurling verbal lightning bolts at each other just about six months ago. So I think overall the wording in the communique denuclearization which Kim agreed to say in response to in return for security from the U.S. and prosperity for the people in North Korea. All good. What is of relevance to the Iranian negotiations, President Trump has been a real critic of that agreement, I agree with him. In some ways what the Obama administration and what our European allies did with the Iranians is a template for what not to do here. Don’t look like you want an agreement more than the other side does. Don’t settle for just temporary denuclearization…so there’s a lot more work to do. Secretary Pompeo is going to have a very important role here but the world looks a little brighter this morning.

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