CNN Panel on Trump: "Very Consistent" On North Korea Since 1999


CNN's Wolf Blitzer hosts Rebecca Berg, David Swerlick, Samantha Vinograd, and Gloria Borger to discuss the president's summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in light of an interview Blitzer did with Trump in 1999 where the future president said: "If We Don't Talk To North Korea Now We'll Be In "Big Trouble" In 5 Years; "We're A Bunch Of Saps"

"He has been very consistent," Blitzer said. "What he said in 1999, he could have said last week."


BLITZER: What do you make of that?

SWERDLICK: So, President Trump or then Donald Trump had an initial point that he was right on, that the longer you let international issues fester, the longer you let proliferation issues, nuclear proliferation issues go on and on, the harder they get to deal with down the road.

But the problem is, in his own words, he is saying there when you get to a point like we're at now, you have a choice of either negotiating or dealing with them, it almost sounded like he was saying, toughly, militarily.

But if these negotiations don't work -- and most negotiators don't think we're going to get denuclearization out of these talks -- does that mean he is going to follow his own advice from 1999 and take military action?

What was different then that's not the same now, that you have a war- weary public that's been through 15, 20 years of war in the Middle East. It's not going to play out the same way.

BLITZER: He has been very consistent, Rebecca. What he said in 1999, he could have said last week.


Well, Donald Trump has cultivated his image as a negotiator over many, many years throughout his business career. And so the focus for him has always been getting down in a negotiating situation with someone, sitting at that table and working it out.

But what's remarkable is that the situation with North Korea hasn't really changed over the course of those decades. And we're still in a situation where we need to have those negotiations. And it's more urgent and pressing than ever.


BORGER: But I just think it shows you that Donald Trump really hasn't changed in 20 years.


BORGER: What he believed then, he believes now. And he is not going to change his mind.

So, when he says he has been preparing for this his entire life, I mean, it may be partially true, even though he didn't expect to be president of the United States at that particular point, which may be why he says he doesn't -- he didn't need to prep.

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