Bill Clinton on Harvey Weinstein Friendship: "No One Ever Said Anything To Me" About His Behavior


Former Bill Clinton is asked about his friendship and donor relationship with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein in an interview with PBS NewsHour host Judy Woodruff. Clinton immediately shot down a question about any knowledge of his sexual activity. Clinton said he had no idea of his behavior, telling the host "no one ever said anything to me."

JUDY WOODRUFF, PBS: Another subject you have been asked about a lot this week, the MeToo movement, it all began with revelations around Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer.

He was a good friend of yours and Mrs. Clinton’s. He gave a lot of money to your campaigns. I guess he also contributed to your defense effort during the impeachment period.

There were so many accusations by women against him. You never had any sense, never heard anything or saw anything about him that gave you…


You know — and it’s funny. I think every time — I have thought about this a lot, but every time we were together, I believe, over those years was either at charity event or a political event, if he was alone, or when his family was around.

He was, over this period, married twice, and his family was there. And so I didn’t know. No one ever said anything to me.

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