Sen. Ernst: Scott Pruitt "Abusing" Position Of Power, As Swampy As You Can Get


Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) denounced EPA administrator Scott Pruitt in an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd. She said he is "really abusing his position of power" and as "swampy as you get."

CHUCK TODD, NBC:: Let me ask you this. What bothers you more right now, the policies that are coming out of EPA involving ethanol or his personal conduct and the judgment he’s using for the decisions he’s made, while in office, that have nothing to do, for instance, with his policy decisions?

SEN. JONI ERNST (R-IOWA): Well, Chuck, you gave me an impossible decision right there because they’re both pretty terrible. The policy that’s being pushed out of EPA by Administrator Pruitt is obviously, very harmful for the renewable fuel standard, it is harmful to American farmers, and of course, President Trump has made it clear, he is going to support the American farmer.

And then the -- then the other point is that, he is really abusing his position of power, and that is truly what I said, it’s about as swampy as you get. And so, I am disappointed. Americans -- Iowans sent me to Washington D.C. to make them squeal and that means protecting their precious dollars, and I don’t think the American taxpayer is very happy with Scott Pruitt right now.

TODD: You’ve not said he should resign. Why not, or do you -- are you there now?

ERNST: I have not said he should resign and I do think that there have been a number of good moves by the EPA, in my opinion. One example is the waters of the United States, stepping back from that, taking another look at it. I think that is a good thing

But on the other side, I think the president needs to have a really tough discussion with Administrator Scott Pruitt and say, you need to get yourself in line or you’re gonna go. I’m not the president, I can’t make that decision, but I certainly don’t like the way Administer Pruitt has been treating his position of authority.

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