Rand Paul: We're At War With At Least Eight Different Groups In 20 Different Countries


Sen. Rand Paul appeared on FOX News' Your World with host Neil Cavuto to discuss Wednesday's Senate hearing on the unauthorized use of military force.

SEN. RAND PAUL: We had a hearing today because we have been at war for 17 years in Afghanistan. And while I was in favor of the original authorization for force that Congress gave President Bush, I’m not in favor of an unlimited authorization to be at war forever.

We’re now at war against at least eight different groups and in 20 different countries. We had soldiers die in Mali the other day. Many people can’t find Mali on the map and have no idea why we’re at war in Mali. So, yes, we should be debating. And it’s Congress’ role. The founding fathers were unanimous that Congress should declare war. The president shouldn’t be able to make these decisions unilaterally.

Paul also said Congress has abdicated so much power to the executive branch, the presidency, and needs to take it back.

PAUL: I’m always a believer in Congress recouping its power, taking its power back. We have abdicated so much our power. We have given it up to the presidency, whether it’s war-making authority, whether it’s the health care economy, whether it’s regulations in any industry. We have given up too much power to the president. So, I’m always in favor of trying to gain that power back.

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