Rachel Maddow: Kids And Babies Have Never Before Been Separated From Parents At Border


Rachel Maddow explains why military bases and disused Wal-Marts are now among the options for handling the overflow of illegal immigrant children seized from their families at the U.S. border.

RACHEL MADDOW: Here's what we think is happening: Kids and babies have never before been ripped away from their moms and dads at the border, this is a new policy put in place by the Trump administration.

In the past, obviously there have been kids who crossed the border illegally alone, and so the U.S. has facilities to handle those young people, mostly teenagers. But babies and toddlers who were with their parents until the government stepped in to take them out of their mothers' arms? That is new.

Now, the first place we think they are taking them is to these border stations, where nobody is supposed to be kept more than 72 hours, that is the kind of place where Sen. Merkley said he saw kids in cages with little foil space blankets and that's it.

After 72 hours at the most people are supposed to be moved out of places like that at the border to these shelters, like the one that [Merkley] went to at the old Wal Mart, these shelters that are supposed to be able to hold people for longer periods of time. But those facilities were never supposed to be taking in unaccompanied babies and toddlers. Now NBC News has a new exclusive report that gives us two important new pieces of information when it comes to finding these kids.

The report says hundreds of kids are being kept at those facilities on the border with the cages for longer than 72 hours... and they are not being moved out of the cages and into the shelters because they don't have enough room... resulting in kids being kept locked up at the cages in the border waiting for a place...

So that's your tax dollars at work now, because of the president it is now the job of some federal government workers to forcibly take babies away from their mothers, where they are first locked up in cages at the border with space blankets for comfort. If they are lucky they might eventually get moved to a giant misused Wal Mart with a thousand other kids... and since that system is breaking down, maybe military bases next?

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