Newt Gingrich: I Predict We're "Closer To A Red Wave Than A Blue Wave" This Fall


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted a "red wave" is more likely than the much-discussed "blue wave" Democratic victory in the November midterms.

I actually believe we are closer to a red wave than a blue wave. Now, back in December, frankly, I was concerned, because of the huge generic gap. We had not yet passed the tax cuts. Things didn't feel right. People were upset it had been a year and not much had been accomplished.

Starting with passing the tax cuts, President Trump has done consistently well on conservative judges, deregulation, trade negotiations, what he has done with North Korea. People have a sense things are moving in the right direction. As a result, I don't know anybody who is a serious student who believes the Democrats have any hope of winning the Senate. In fact, we are likely to gain seats.

Menendez in New Jersey is in trouble, with his scandals. We're likely to pick up Florida because Gov. Scott is a very strong candidate. Then you add in the other Trump states, West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri/ We're likely to end up somewhere +5 or +6 in the Senate. How can you talk about a blue wave when we're picking up votes?

What happened yesterday in Minnesota when the Democrats went crazy and all of their establishment candidates were defeated at the state convention by hard left people. I think Tim Pawlenty is going to come back and be governor again. We may actually gain governor seats this year.

The House is the issue, there it is very simple. If we go out and communicate the economic growth issue and communicate we want to make your life better, more jobs, more takehome pay, lowest African-American unemployment in history.

We have a chance to do surp[risingly well in the House, it maybe could be the third time in a century that a presidential party actually gains seats in an off-year election.

I would predict we are closer to a red wave than a blue wave in the fall campaign.

Gingrich's full interview:

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