'Morning Joe' Panel With Tom Friedman: The Worst Democrat Is Better Than The Best Republican


New York Times opinion writer Thomas Friedman joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to talk about the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

"These midterms are soon to be upon us," Friedman said. "I only have one piece of advice for people: You have to vote for a Democrat."

"Yeah," co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed solemnly.

"I have a lot of very conservative leanings on a lot of issues. I'm for free trade, pro-globalization, pro-business. But the fact is the worst Democrat running for Congress or the Senate today is better than the best Republican. Because the best Republicans, other than those who are tragically dying or retiring simply will not stand up to this man."

"The man sitting in the Oval Office today is the greatest threat to our democracy," Friedman continued. "If you see the norms that he is violating, the way that he is trashing our most cherished institutions."

"We have not had a crisis yet. We have not had a real crisis," he said in a final warning. "Wait 'till we have a real crisis and you have a president who cannot be believed sitting in the Oval Office."

"Couldn't agree more with everything you just said, and how grave it really is," co-host Mika Brzezinski added.

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