Giuliani: When Spying Turned On Trump Campaign, The Candidate Should Have Been Briefed


FNC's Bill Hemmer speaks with former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani regarding the president's 'Spygate' allegations:

HEMMER: Well, you call it a spy, they call it an informant. What's wrong with the government trying to figure out what Russia was up to?

GIULIANI: Nothing wrong with the government doing that. Everything wrong with the government spying on a candidate of the opposition party. That's a Watergate, a spygate. I mean -- and without any warning to him.

And now, to compound that, to make it into a criminal investigation, Bill, that's why this is a rigged investigation. That's why the president has been right from the beginning. Way back when the president said there was surveillance of his campaign, it turns out he was right. It was -- it was human surveillance rather than technical surveillance, but surveillance nonetheless.

HEMMER: All right. So, strategy became clear back to James Comey. You’re going to put the credibility of the president up against the credibility of James Comey. In almost every day this week, the president has referred to Comey. He said this just on Wednesday.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The FBI is a fantastic institution, but some of the people at the top were rotten apples. James Comey was one of them. I have done a great service for this country by getting rid of him by firing him.

HEMMER: So, on that same -- on that same day James Comey tweeted this. He said: Facts matter. The FBI's use of confidential human sources, the actual term, is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Attacks on the FBI and lying about his work will do lasting damage to our country. How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?

So, you are putting James Comey on trial and now listening to your talk today, you are also putting the government on trial based on that investigation saying it's not legitimate. I understand where you're coming from, Mr. Mayor, but how does this end?

GIULIANI: Well, first of all, it isn’t the government. It's James Comey, Clapper, Brendan, the people took this investigation and turned it on a candidate.

Look, you can't say you’re spying on the Russians if what you're trying to do is to show the Russians are colluding, whatever the hell that means, with the Trump campaign. So, the spying turned on the Trump campaign.

When it did that, the president should have been briefed. If he wasn’t, it’d be an outrage. And then at that point, the Trump campaign should have been briefed and be asked to cooperate, not treated like criminals when there was no proof of any collusion.

Now, we’re a year and a half later and there's no proof of collusion. So, stop the investigation. Stop spending $20 million more.

HEMMER: If they do not -- if they do not do that, does the president have to fire someone?

GIULIANI: The president is not going to fire him because that’d be the playing into the hands of playing the victim, Watergate. They are the Watergate. The other people have committed the crimes.

What we have to do is go to court and seek protection from the court, if we have to do that. Our first thing is we sure as heck are not going to testify unless it's all straightened out, unless we learned the basis of that Russian investigation.

They are not going to tell us because the basis is going to turn up when expected to Trump to be unethical or illegal. They’re going to have to tell us what they have found so far, the basis of the investigation -- Russian collusion.

Here's what they found: zero. Nada. Nothing.

The president -- gee, maybe they should wake up and realize the president is innocent. That's why he wants to testify and because of them, we don't want him to testify because they’re not fair. They have rigged this investigation against him. Thirteen Democrats angry as heck and some of them there at Hillary Clinton's funeral -- I mean, when she was supposed to have a victory party.

HEMMER: We are a long way from an interview, aren't we?

GIULIANI: Well, maybe we’re not a long way from deciding we won’t have one. And then they’re going to have to go on what they have and everybody's going to find out there’s not anything.

HEMMER: Yes. But other than the week -- early in a week, you said if the summit matters decided, you could sit down in early July and may be part of Mueller's report comes out early September. Is that timeline still viable?

GIULIANI: It is if we could get over what seems to be fairly monumental problems that keep growing. Not -- we don't create them, Bill. They created the problem of this, what you want to call it, spygate, investigation, improper investigation of a candidate.

Why does everybody get all upset when they invade the Democratic National Committee, Republicans do, and now they've invaded the Trump campaign, nobody's angry?

HEMMER: Yes --

GIULIANI: They’re not -- didn't warn them.

HEMMER: If you sit for an interview, you could walk into a perjury trap. If you delay or if you say no based on your description today, Democrats can use this against Republicans in the midterm. Are you essentially boxed in on that schedule?

GIULIANI: Well, could be, but I don't think so. I mean, here's where we are. We have to be lawyers. The four of us, five of us have to act like lawyers and we have to give him legal advice.

He can make the political judgment. Look, I could put a different hat on and talk about that too. His approval rating is the highest it's ever been.

I believe the Democrats are going up a wrong alley here. Republicans did this to Clinton and it backfired.

The reality is the American people have come to the conclusion everybody else has -- this investigation is rigged, it's unfair, and if they have to choose on impeachment or not, the president is going to be making peace with North Korea, God willing, and we should all be rooting for that, they are not probably, but we are. I don’t see -- this could really turn on them and they are not going to have their impeachment congress that they want.

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