Town Hall Question To Pelosi: If Trump Colluded With Russians, Why Hasn't There Been Any Proof After A Year?


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi participated in a CNN town hall on Thursday and was asked by a law student at Georgetown University if Russian collusion occurred in the Trump campaign why hasn't he been found guilty after a year of investigating.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: All right. So the Russian investigation is, of course, on people's minds. So let's go to the audience, and the first question comes from Joshua Gonzalez, a law student at Georgetown. Thank you for joining us. What's your question?

QUESTION: Hi, Nancy.

PELOSI: Hi, Joshua.

QUESTION: If Trump actually colluded with the Russians, why isn't he found guilty of it after a year of investigation? Wouldn't there be some type of concrete proof by now?

PELOSI: Well, you know that there is an investigation going on under Counsel Mueller, and that is where -- we wouldn't have any idea what's going on in that, and nor should we know what's going on in that investigation. But it is -- it takes time. And I trust Counsel Mueller and his work.

CUOMO: To Joshua's question, when we get closer to the election, you wind up having a new problem with the probe, which is, what does Mueller do? If he gets too close, there are DOJ guidelines that says he has to wait until after the elections before anything comes out. Do you believe that Mueller should put out whatever he has before the election to give voters some sense of where he is?

PELOSI: Well, I think that Mueller should do what he thinks is right. And, you know, there have been over -- I think there are 20 indictments, one directly associated with the campaign, Manafort, 13 Russians, three not only indictments, but convictions. So he has produced a great deal. In fact, quite a great deal for one year into an investigation.

But, again, what's important about this right now for the American people is, are we going to have an election that is not disrupted by any foreign power? And that I don't believe that the Trump administration has taken responsibility to ensure. And I think that's wrong.

And so that's one of the fights we're having, is to say we have to have the integrity of our elections. This is about our democracy. This is the oath that we take to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And people should understand that when they vote, if they're eligible to vote, that their vote will be counted as cast by them, not distorted by a foreign power.

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