Attkisson: Intel Community Was "So Desperate" To Keep "Outsider" Trump From Nosing Around


Journalist Sharyl Attkisson said if Russian interference really were a concern why did the intelligence community not go to each campaign and alert them instead of putting a spy in only one campaign. Attkisson said the intel community was "so desperate" to have an outsider like Trump "nose around" what they've been doing the last 20 years.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Let me bring Sharyl Attkisson in. You have put together a perspective, Sharyl, timeline of events that is so devastating start in 2011 when they changed the rules in terms of the intel gathering availability and powers of the intel community against American citizens. Walk us through why this timeline you put out is so important.

SHARYL ATTKISSON, FULL MEASURE: Well, it's simply a listing of facts that happened over the course of the last couple of years that perhaps made what we now see happening more easy to occur. I mean, if you look at surveillance on a U.S. citizen, whether it's a journalist or a political figure, is supposed to be one of the most sensitive things we do under the restricted of oversight, under the rarest with the Trump campaign, we know that as many as perhaps more than seven Trump associates were either wiretapped or electronically surveilled, one informant or spy placed with the campaign and seven other features of a counterintelligence operation perhaps used for political purposes I've outlined. You put all that together and think was this the go-to, really, the government thought there would be Russian interference in an election? If that were really the concern, would be to go to each campaign and brief them and warn them or smart a spy campaign that involves only one campaign.

HANNITY: Is this the biggest abuse of power you've seen in all your years of reporting?

ATTKISSON: I would say this is right up there but I would expand it. It's not just, as I've long said, in my view, what happened during the 2016 campaign, it's wide the intel community was so desperate not to have an outsider like Trump in and nose around what they were doing for the past 15, 20 years, which we're seeing that some of that now. That's a more important part story. It's not just because, in my view, these people hated Trump.

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