Mark Penn: Time To End Mueller Probe; "The Less They Come Up With, The More They Investigate"


Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn responded to Eric Holder calling Trump's call for an investigation into intel agencies "dangerous and threatening." In an interview with FNC's Martha MacCallum, Penn said people's lives have been ruined playing "get the president."

"There doesn't seem to be a real concrete intelligence origin for this investigation and without a foundation, one wonders what did we spend an entire on? What did we disrupt everyone who was in the campaign, everyone who was in the administration?" Penn asked.

"I've seen in 1998, I spent a year fighting this thing with Ken Starr and I think this thing is just plain wrong and it has got to be ended and stopped," he added.

Penn said it is time to end the Mueller investigation.

"We've seen that the less they come up with, the more they investigate instead of the opposite," Penn noted.

Penn predicts that Comey will be "knocked out" as a witness after the DOJ inspector general's report makes his credibility look questionable.

"The deep state is in a deep state of desperation," he said. "If this report is really critical of Comey and others in the intelligence community it will open a floodgate against them. And if you go back and read the McCabe report you have never seen anyone document, tick-tock, minute-by-minute as this guy [DOH Inspector General] Horowitz does. So either that's going to come out and I think Comey will be knocked out as a witness and gone will be the obstruction with justice and a lot of other questions will get asked."

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