Ronan Farrow: Israelis Interfering In American Politics, Manipulating Social Media


Investigative reporter Ronan Farrow said on ABC's 'This Week' roundtable on Sunday morning that it was not only Russia that tried to interfere with the 2016 election, and American politics in general. In light of reports that the FBI traveled to Tel Aviv in the Trump election probe and an "Israeli specialist in social media manipulation" met with Trump Jr. in the months before the election, Farrow said:

RONAN FARROW: This isn’t just about the election itself. We are seeing revelation after revelation suggesting that there were foreign entities interfering on various policy issues.

For instance, you know, we had the reporting in the last weeks with me and also several other reporters that there were efforts to scupper the Iran deal, to sabotage the reputations of people behind it.

Now we see our withdrawal from the Iran deal, we see our government bereft of diplomats, which is the subject of my book obviously, some self-interest in pointing it out, but I would point out that that is going to be a big issue.

SWAN: I don't think it required George Nadar, who by the way I was supposed to report, to convince Trump to get out of the Iran deal.

FARROW: Look at the New York Times revelation in the last two days about Israeli social media manipulation. Similarly, we see, you know, an Israeli private investigations firm going after the personal reputations of people behind the Iran deal.

There are a new array of actors here that the American public didn’t know about, and this is all going to figure into this next election.

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