Massie: "Obama Deep State Has Circled The Wagons" To Protect Gina Haspel


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said the fact that John Brennan, Leon Panetta, and James Clapper, all Obama "deep state" actors, support Gina Haspel for CIA director should give us "pause." He also took issue with the idea that "we shouldn't relitigate" torture and said we should always litigate torture in an interview with FOX Business Network's Kennedy.

Massie expressed pleasure that Rand Paul, his state's Senator, will be voting against Haspel and reminded constituents that may be upset with the junior Senator that former FBI director James Comey was confirmed 93 to 1. Paul was the lone dissenter.

"It I would say this to those folks back in Kentucky who are upset with Senator Rand Paul for opposing Gina Haspel at this time, the vote to not -- to confirm Comey was 93 to 1. Who was the one senator that opposed James Comey's confirmation? It was Senator Rand Paul. So please, trust him on this and give him a little credit for that," Massie said.

KENNEDY: President Trump's nominee to run the CIA now says the U.S. should never have conducted its enhanced interrogation program and because of that it looks like Gina Haspel will have enough votes to win confirmation. What a politician. We're told Haspel wrote a let to the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner of Virginia saying that after 9/11 the agency was too harsh on terror suspects. After getting the letter, Senator Warner says he will now vote for Haspel. So did the Democratic Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Bill Nelson, a total of five Democrats now say they will vote to confirm the career spy. So why is Haspel suddenly so apologetic and is she really the right choice to run the agency? Let me bring in Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie. Welcome back to the show, congressman.

REP. THOMAS MASSIE (R-KY): Thank you, Kennedy. I read that letter that she wrote to Senator Mark Warner and to, "James Clapper when we was caught lying to Congress a few years ago, I think she's saying the least truthful thing she -- the least untruthful thing she can think of at the time." She's just saying what it takes to get her nomination I believe and I'm very concerned about that. Yes, she is President Trump's nominee. But look, the whole Obama deep state has circled the wagons to protect her and to endorse her. Brennan has endorsed her. Leon Panetta has endorsed her. James Clapper has endorsed her. These are all Obama appointees to oversee his deep state and they're all for her. Shouldn't that give somebody a little pause?

KENNEDY: Yes. And Panetta is a Clintonite. Let us not forget. So let's talk a little bit about Gina Haspel because two of the issues that Republicans have with those who have contested her nomination is that we shouldn't be relitigating, you know, these torture practices that happened, you know, 16 years ago and I disagree with that because I think the mentality that prevailed then could easily take hold now if, God forbid, we were in another situation like that. What do you say to people who have an issue with your personal ideology that would prevent you from voting for someone like Gina Haspel?

MASSIE: Well, let me be clear. I don't get to vote, but my Senator Rand Paul does and he's opposing her. But, you know, to your point, is a little bit of torture OK? No, I don't think a little bit of torture is OK. And what I would say to those people who support her and say, we shouldn't relitigate it is we should always litigate this because when we -- when we torture the prisoners that we have, that makes our soldiers less safe overseas when they get caught because the United States sets the standard for moral behavior or we should and we really have lowered the standard.

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