Giuliani On Mueller Report: "We're Ready to Rip It Apart, And We're Ready To Rip Them Apart"


Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Trump, told FOX News host Laura Ingraham that special counsel Robert Mueller should have his final report ready to be released on the Russian collusion probe "as soon as possible." Giuliani said Wednesday night if it is "an unfair report" then the Trump legal team will "combat it." He threatened, "we're going to rip them apart, if that's what they want."

"They should do it today," Giuliani said about wrapping up the Mueller report. "I mean, as soon as possible. I think that they have the facts from which they can write their report."

"If you’re going to write a fair report, fine, write it. If you’re going to write an unfair report, write it and we will combat it. We’re ready to rip it apart, and we’re ready to rip them apart, if that’s what they want. We would rather peacefully settle this and get it over with," Giuliani warned.

Watch the first half of the interview below:

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