Why Palestinians Are Willing To Risk Their Lives During Protests On The Gaza Border


A VICE News reporter was able to speak to Hamas leader Mahmoud al Zahar in the Gaza strip Monday, during protests against the occupation at the Israeli border.

"We are sending a message for everybody. West Jerusalem, is our land. We are not respecting this border," he said.

They also spoke to a Red Crescent doctor who said: "The Palestinians, they have nothing to lose. They took our land, they took everything, we live in Hell in Gaza... They have nothing to lose. There is no life in Gaza, at all."

Via VICE News --

Hamas called for thousands to amass along the border with Israel to denounce the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem — and demand an end to the blockade on Gaza.

“We’re going to Jerusalem,” some of the young Palestinian men shouted and sang as they carried on, “even if a million of us are martyred!”

Tens of thousands of Gazans answered that call today — and the Israelis responded with overwhelming force. But the more than 50 deaths today could be a reality check, and the body count in the morgue at Gaza City’s main hospital was higher than it’s been since the last war with Israel.

For many here, a decade-long Israeli blockade has made life so hellish, that they’re readily willing to risk their lives and the large turnout for these protests is a victory in itself.

Israel and the Trump Administration have already cut the militant group out of talks on a peace plan — a deal that will reportedly offer up four Jerusalem neighborhoods to the Palestinian Authority. But that means there’s nothing to lose if the violence escalates.

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