CNN's Stelter: Trump Is The Producer Of Hannity's Show


CNN's Brian Stelter talks to CNN host Don Lemon on Monday's CNN Tonight about FOX News' Sean Hannity's relationship with President Donald Trump. Stelter called it an "issue" that the two converse and Hannity espouses a pro-Trump agenda on FNC.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Yes, the story really supports the idea that Hannity is a key adviser to President Trump and Trump is a producer of Hannity's show. I think that direction is really interesting piece of this. The Trump is giving advice and guidance for Hannity's show on a nightly basis. The story says on Sundays, Hannity and Trump speak multiple times with one of them calling the other to, "inform them of the latest developments." ...

Well, it's an unusually tight relationship with a broadcaster or member of the media. Hannity frequently says he's not a typical journalist. I think it's better to call him an entertainer, but he's a very influential entertainer. He channels Trump's base and is able to express what Trump's target audience might be thinking. I think the issue here is that Hannity's not the most reliable source of information. Hannity is someone who presents a very tilted view of the world, whether that's promoting fear of immigrants or the idea that Mueller's probe is a witch hunt. The President's having that message reinforced not just by watching Hannity's show but also by talking to him on the phone. I think that's ultimately why this is an issue.

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