Strassel: FBI Used "Human Intelligence" To Spy On 2016 Trump Campaign


Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel appeared Friday on FOX News Channel to urge the FBI to "come clean" about surveillance they performed on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, noting "the American people need to see this."

"The Department of Justice lost its latest battle with Congress Thursday when it agreed to brief House Intelligence Committee members about a top-secret intelligence source that was part of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Even without official confirmation of that source’s name, the news so far holds some stunning implications," Strassel wrote in Thursday's WSJ

KIMBERLY STRASSEL, WSJ: It is very important to listen to Speaker Paul Ryan, who in his press conference [Wednesday] pointed out that this request by Chairman Nunes and Rep. Gowdy was completely appropriate and within the scope of their ongoing investigation, and frankly should have been answered a long time ago.

That is another way of saying that whatever this is is entirely relevant to the longstanding probe hat the House Intelligence Committee has been conducting into the Russian collusion investigation.

That means the Justice Dept. knows full well that they should have handed over whatever it is that these two men are seeking, since all the way back in last August when they requested the documents...

For months now, look how they handled that original subpoena. They simply ignored it, and then delayed. And remember all the excuses: 'This could harm national security. This could undermine our relationship with intelligence partners.'

What we have seen so far show that none of that is the case, what they were actually hiding are revelations that are extremely embarrassing to the FBI, for instance, the fact that they didn't fully inform the FISA court that they were basing their surveillance warrant on information that came from the rival presidential campaign...

[We know the FBI had a human source] at least interacting with the Trump campaign. We know from a leak that appears to have come from law enforcement, they are requesting information from a source. And that term is important, when the FBI talks about a source, the talk about someone who is an average citizen who uses their credentials, their job as a way of spying for the agency.

We can take that to mean that there was somebody interacting with the Trump campaign and reporting back to the FBI, which means the FBI was using human intelligence to spy on a presidential campaign.

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