April Ryan: Melania Trump "Not Culturally American"


White House reporter April Ryan called Melania Trump not "culturally American" Monday night on CNN:

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: You know, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, joins me now.

And, April, Kate points out there's, you know, obviously, some pretty painful reality in the first lady taking on cyber bullying and being kind online and the first lady is well aware of that.

APRIL RYAN, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT, AMERICAN URBAN RADIO NETWORKS: Yes, she's well aware of her husband's cyber bullying. He's considered by some, well, many I would say, in different sectors, one of the biggest bullies. He will call you out in a moment's notice.

And she stood in front of him and basically said she wants to show young people how it's done and do it right and they will pick up those habits. I wonder if the president will change, but there are realities, there are a lot of realities that she's dealing with.

This is -- this is a first lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways. This is not just an American issue, these are not just American issues. These are international issues. You know, cyber bullying is an international issue.

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