Mika Brzezinski: Did Trump Quit Iran Deal To "Deflect" From Stormy Daniels?


MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski brought up the idea that President Trump's confrontation with Iran might be a "deflection" from other issues on Wednesday's 'Morning Joe.'

She added the caveat that she doesn't think Trump "has the moral compass to make a decision based on our national security at this point" but also suggested:

"You have to wonder what he's deflecting from, what exactly he might be doing to deflect. I hope he's not playing around with our national security," she said.

Quitting the Iran deal "does draw us more into the middle east," she added. "Our allies are upset, for sure. At a time when, I think, the president's sanity is being questioned globally."

"It was a campaign promise, it does appeal possibly to his base, but the totality to this president's behavior and decisions does lead me to question why he does anything, and whether or not it is to deflect from something else."

Watch more via NBC:

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