Vice President Pence Calls on Venezuela To Suspend "Fraud And Sham" May 20 Election


Vice President Pence used a keynote speech at the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting in Washington Monday to call on Venezuela to suspend its upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for May 20. Chavez heir Nicolas Maduro is running for reelection for a second six-year term.

"The so-called elections in Venezuela, scheduled for May 20, will be nothing more than a fraud and a sham. It will be a fake election with a fake outcome. We call on Maduro and his regime: suspend this sham election. Hold real elections," Pence said.

The European Union is also calling for postponement of the elections.

"The Maduro regime has already stacked the Venezuela courts with its cronies, it has banned major parties, it has barred opposition leaders from standing for office," he explained.

Watch Pence's full address to the protocolary session of the Organization of American States:

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