Sara Carter: What Authority Did Rosenstein Give To Mueller? Who Oversees Rosenstein And Mueller?


On Friday's Hannity, investigative reporter Sara Carter asked who is in charge of overseeing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller and what authority was given to Mueller by Rosenstein..

Transcript, via FOX News:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Thirteen years and the timing is unbelievable because remember, Sara, it was July 26th, the morning, raid guns drawn in Paul Manafort's home when all I had to do is call his attorney, and he would have surrendered. But beyond that, that was July 26th, and then it wasn't until August 2nd when the approval came.

But that means the special counsel had to have been investigating months before beyond the mandate, then they have the raid, then they gave the mandate permission for the raid and for the investigation.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Judge Ellis is not going to be bullied and he made it very clear in court today, and that's why he said, I want that memo redacted. The one that you've given to me, I want it unredacted, is what I meant to say. He wants it unredacted -- he wants it right before him, he wants to see everything that's in it, he wants to know the scope of what Rosenstein gave authority to to Mueller, and he wants it now.

And when they said, well, this has nothing to do with anything beyond the Manafort case, and he said, I'll be the judge. I'll be the judge of that.

So, he wants to see that. I think this is important because it also means that Judge Sullivan who's overseeing Flynn's case --


CARTER: -- has the same kind of issues, right? This is Judge Sullivan played it out a little differently. He made himself very clear and now we've seen, it's been suspended for two more months. So, Judge Sullivan is probably going through the same thing right now.

And, you know, it's so refreshing, Sean, and Gregg was right on the money. He understands the legalese behind this, but he's right on the money that this -- they're starting to understand that this is appearing and what we've been saying for all along is a witch-hunt, it's going way beyond the scope of Russia and they're doing everything they can to try to rein people in twist their arms and try to get them to turn on people even if there isn't evidence.


HANNITY: And, Sara, nobody's reporting the judge tell us today, very sarcastically brings up Rod Rosenstein, oh, isn't he recused?

Now, Rod Rosenstein, he's the witness, he wanted Comey fired. So, he's a witness in the case. Then we know Rod Rosenstein signed off on the -- on the FISA issue. And now, we've got Rod Rosenstein here, it seems to me, he's in trouble and that he needs to go next.

CARTER: Well, he's in huge trouble and he absolutely needs to go next, if you talk to anybody with any common sense. I mean, here --

HANNITY: Because he's backdating permission to raid Manafort's home.

CARTER: Exactly.

HANNITY: That was not part of the mandate.

CARTER: Well, he's backdating permission, and I think we have a little bit more news in all of these developments. If you look at the report and what was unredacted, the unredacted version on on page 53 and 54. You'll also see that McCabe, it appears, was trying to put pressure on these FBI agents. And remember I've been reporting that all along.

You know, when they came back and they said Flynn did not lie, we don't believe we detected any deception, he wasn't lying, there was a lot of reports that I was receiving that McCabe was putting pressure on them and I'm wondering how much of this is actually going to come out in the inspector general's report -- Michael Horowitz's report which we expect to see within the next few weeks or so.

So, this is going to be very important. It's going to play right into this investigation, and hopefully, I think this is a really great question that Judge Ellis posed. Who's in charge of overseeing Rosenstein and Mueller?

Well, it's going to be these judges. These judges are going to lay down the law and they're not going to let hopefully, hopefully, let this special counsel exceed any of their privileges beyond the Russian scope.

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