Bill Maher: "Dictator" Trump Is Restocking The Swamp And Remaking It Into His Own "Deep State"


After reading a list of signs that a country is being led by a dictator, HBO host Bill Maher concluded that President Trump is creating his own "deep state."

"I have never heard this term 'deep state' until Trump got into office, aka the government," Maher said on the Friday edition of HBO's Real Time. "That is our hope, the deep state. He talks about it in a disparaging way but my question to you is, how deep is the deep state because it's not infinite."

"At some point, it looks like they are trying to root out that they don't want and put the people in that they do," Maher said. "That's why he's always fuming about Rod Rosenstein and what a dumb idea it was to have Jeff Sessions be the Attorney General because he quit when he should have been protecting me and now we have Rosenstein - he's from Baltimore. I don't think there are any Republicans in Baltimore."

"I mean he says crazy things, I don't know if you heard that... I feel like he's restocking the swamp. I feel like he is remaking it into his own deep state," he concluded.

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