Mark Levin: Demand That Mueller Go To The Supreme Court To Put These Rogue Prosecutors In Their Place


Mark Levin commentary on advice to Trump's legal team as Mueller threatens to subpoena the president. From the Thursday broadcast of Hannity on the FOX News Channel:

MARK LEVIN: I would say if I were the president's lawyer to Mr. Mueller we want you to present us with an explanation of your defiance of the Department of Justice policy which you are required to follow as an employee of the Department of Justice. Moreover, we want to understand how it is that you believe that you can burden a president like this while he's in office.

And while I'm at it, Sean, we seem to have a few Republicans in the Senate who are very confused about these things, who voted to protect Mr. Mueller rather than protect the office of the presidency, the Constitution, and the American people. And they seem to think that they have the power even though we have separation of powers to tell the president who he can hire and who he can fire.

The part of the problem of the president has is he is dealing with ignoramuses, both inside his party and outside of his party and some who are dressed up as lawyers.

So, I would take this all the way to the United States Supreme Court. I would make Mueller and his band of Democrat prosecutors make their case all the way to the United States Supreme Court if they try to subpoena him in anyway to appear before a federal grand jury and make them make their case against their own Department of Justice, against Supreme Court precedent and against the Constitution of the United States. And if it takes six months, it takes six months. And if it takes six years, then by God it takes six years. We're not just talking about the president which would be enough. We're talking about protecting the office of the presidency and separation of powers.

When you look at those 49 areas was questions there is not a single criminal statute. There is not a single obstruction. What has been obstructed? They are not investigating Russia. What is it that they are not investigating that they don't want to investigate? No. They want to know his intent on whether he obstructed. They want to know -- they want to treat him like they treated Martha Stewart. Well, guess what, he's the president Mr. Mueller. This is not one of your failed anthrax cases or one of your failed Whitey Bulger cases. This is the president of the United States. You know what that means? We the people have a stake in this. We the people get to decide. The framers decided the only way you remove a president is through the body politic. Through the House and the Senate and it's a heavy burden, not by some rogue prosecutor with a bunch of Democrat prosecutors. They don't get to do it and the people need to rise up and demand -- demand that this go all the way to the Supreme Court to put these rogue prosecutors in their place.

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