Giuliani To Hillary Clinton: You're A Criminal, I Don't Know Why The DOJ Is Not Investigating You


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: You know, I -- I've got to now talk about something that I never thought I'd talk about -- this is going to be a long-winded lead up to a question. I've been pointing out in this program, 18 USC 793, mishandling classified information, the Espionage Act, destroying it. By the way, it would apply to a lot of people.

I've talked about if I was subpoenaed, from all my emails, and I deleted 33,000, and then I acid washed my hard drive, nobody heard of Bleach Bit until Hillary Clinton, and Bleach Bit, and then had an aide bust up all my devices, like she had happened -- I never heard of an exoneration being written in May before you interview 17 key witnesses in the main person, Hillary Clinton, in July, the person that does the interview hates the opponent of Hillary Clinton. Then they exonerate her for I believe obvious felonies.


HANNITY: Then they talk about Russia collusion, Hillary Clinton and the DNC funneled money through a law firm, Perkins Coie, and unbelievable to me, a foreign national who heard wasn't supposed to be involved in our elections, Christopher Steele, gets Russian sources.

The FBI never verifies it, they presented to a FISA court to spy on American citizens, a Trump campaign associate weeks before an election.

They never verified, they never corroborated, and they never told those judge in the original application, three subsequent applications that Hillary paid for it and they never verified it. Mr. Mayor, were lost broken? Let's start with Hillary. Did she--


GIULIANI: Yes. I've been on, look, we go back three years with this, Sean, when I produce my chart.

HANNITY: I remember.

GIULIANI: Thirteen crimes she committed.


GIULIANI: Then we got up to about 18. I'm sorry, Hillary, I know you're very disappointed you didn't win. But you're a criminal. Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I do not know why the Justice Department is not investigating here.

HANNITY: The James Comey?


GIULIANI: James Comey fixed the whole case.

HANNITY: It was rigged.

GIULIANI: Well, you can't read that stupid report that he wrote which is the beginning of his destruction in which he said we're not going to prosecute -- no reasonable prosecutor would indict her. No honest reasonable prosecutor would indict her.

HANNITY: He said today or yesterday, Comey, he said, Hillary deeply respects the rule of law, Comey said that.

GIULIANI: Wow. This is a very perverted man. I feel so sorry.

HANNITY: Do we have a two tier justice system in America?

GIULIANI: Yes, we have one for Hillary and all of those Democrats, Bill Clinton.

HANNITY: Is equal justice under the law at risk?

GIULIANI: You and I have talked about this, I am very afraid, not just for our president, but for our country, there's going to be a witch hunt against Republicans. You had a man on who's lost all his money, for what reason, he didn't do anything wrong.

The president of the United States didn't do anything wrong. We are lucky that we have a president who can focus, in a way it almost hurts him because they feel they can do anything to him and he's going to remain focused on North Korea, Iran, what do we with China, how do we help Israel, what do we do about taxes?

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