Acosta: "State-Supported Media" FOX News Beginning To Stop Supporting Trump


CNN's Jim Acosta reacts to Neil Cavuto's monologue questioning the "stink" around President Trump. On Thursday's edition of CNN Tonight with host Don Lemon, Acosta said if a 'B.S. meter' was installed in the White House briefing room, it would constantly be going off.

Acosta said "a lot of people" refer to FOX News "state TV" and called Cavuto's statement a "very welcome sign."

The CNNer said he himself calls FNC the "state-supported media" or the "MAGA-phone."

"I think when you've lost FOX News, you're starting to lose the FOX News viewership," Acosta said. "And, you know, a lot of people call FOX News 'state TV.' There are cracks. The jamming radar is not quite working on the top of the FOX News headquarters tonight if Neil Cavuto is calling the president out in that fashion. I think that's a very welcome sign."

"Listen, when Rudy Giuliani says, 'Well, the president only found out about this 10 days or two weeks ago, and yet the president is tweeting this morning that Michael Cohen is being paid through a monthly retainer presumably monthly payments that go back a ways, those facts just don't line up," he said.

"When the president is asked a month ago and he doesn't know about it and Sarah Sanders is asked about it two months ago and says he didn't know about it. The facts just don't line up. And, so, kudos to Cavuto for calling the president out," Acosta said.

"My guess is, Don, we're going to be seeing more of that," the CNN White House correspondent told Lemon. "I think you're going to see more defections from I call the 'state-supported media' in this country, the 'MAGA-phone' as I call it, some of these conservative media outlets that just pump out what the president wants them to say on a daily basis. At some point there's a challenge to one's conscious to want to just scream out the truth. And I think you're going to see that slowly but surely across the conservative media spectrum because there are people who are just saying, you know what, this just doesn't add up anymore and we're not going to play along with this."

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