Kanye West: When I Said Slavery Was "A Choice," I Meant "We Can Make Our Own Reality"


In the full 30-minute exchange on the set of TMZ, Kanye West talked about why "spirit" inspired him to embrace President Trump's "Make America Great Again" hat and attitude. Comments Kanye made about slavery, liposuction, and opioid addiction in the first few minutes overshadowed the coverage of his larger point: Break out of your mental prisons.

"I knew there was going to be a reaction" to wearing the hat, he said. "But I'm just living my life day by day doing what I feel and what the spirit calls upon me to do... I know I disappointed the black community when I wore the hat, it is a bigger plan, and I'm just doing what the universe told me."

"We're mentally in prison," Kanye West said. "I like to use the word prison because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks... Holocaust/Jews, Slavery/Blacks. So prison is something that unites us as one race, blacks and whites being one race, the human race. We're human beings and stuff."

"Right now we're choosing to be enslaved," he said. "The mob tries to tell you what to think. The mob tries to make all blacks be Democrats for food stamps and stuff, the mob, like. And by the way, you're just talking to the emotion. When you get Candace [Owens] out here, she's going to drop you the facts."

"If you asked the kid who stood in Tienenman Square in front of the tank why he did it, he might not be able to explain that," he said. "You can't diminish the moment... My righteous view is free thought. If you ask me, I don't have extremely strong political opinions... I've never been into politics. I just love Trump, that's my boy."

"I am in hip hop, but I am not just in hip-hop. I am a black person in the black community, but I am not just that... I'm always going to represent that, but I also represent the world. Not even in the future, in the now, it is 2018. We're in the now, bro. Know what I mean? And I represent the now."

"I represent the possibility of a new peaceful planet. We're at the beginning of it. You saw it in North Korea, but people denounce it."

About his connection with Trump, he said: "People like to say 'all', 'every'. But it is not that. There are 100 sides to every story. So if you talk about Trump, yeah there's a laundry list of things that I don't have in front of me that my friends will text me or write me emails that say he did this, this, this, this, some of them Obama did too but he wasn't as loud... And then there is positive things, and that never comes out. That's why I referred to fake news, because it can be skewed. The media and the liberals and the echo chamber and all that is having the most sore loss of all time. We're just going to keep putting out, it is like torture porn. We're going to keep showing you negative, negative, when these are human beings."

Next, he apologized for his 2004 response to Hurricane Katrina that "George Bush doesn't care about black people," saying: "I just saw George Bush pushing George Bush Sr. in a wheelchair and he just lost his wife. Do you know how bad I want to go to George Bush and say I'm sorry for hurting you? I was an artist, I was hurting when I went to the telethon. I said something in the moment, but when I look at you as a dad, a family member, I'm sorry for hurting you."

"Obama was the opioid to our pain, he pacified us," he also said. "But he pissed the Nazis off even more... We're going to go and talk. I want to talk to the guys in Charlottesville on both sides. You know what Obama would say? I'm not a white supremacist, I don't support white supremacy... A white teacher told my daughter she is black, you might be Kanye West's daughter, but you're black."

"My daughter was free. We start putting these ideas on people, that is why we are in a simulation. When you're three years old you hop up on the coffee table, and your auntie that you don't like tells you not to stand on that, it is a coffee table. Now you're three years old, you don't care about 'coffee' or 'table.' This went from being something that elevates you while you're playing to something that is a distraction, an obstruction to your joy. By the time you're 30, 40, 50, how many coffee tables do you have in your life?"

"This reality has been forced upon us, it is a choice. Just like when I said slavery is a choice. we can make our own reality. We can talk about history but not too long. We need to talk about our now. Because we can fix, and start loving each other now. I say we have no enemies."

"Black people have a tendency to march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat but when it is 700 kids being killed in Chicago, it is OK. it is OK for blacks to kill other blacks. But if it's a white thing... 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks," he said.

"I think we have to get next to everyone," he said later about President Trump. "If we don't like Trump, we have to talk to them, We have to talk because Trump is a human being also, and he is in a very powerful position, and he is doing a lot of things to actually help business owners get past all these fake laws and rules and things... But we need to speak to people... We keep saying 'I hate you, f*ck you' and getting no result. Why don't we just try love?"

"Why can't it be OK for an influential rapper in the black community to go up to the president and talk to him about how we can make a change."

"We have the resources for a peaceful world. I believe that Kim Jong Un didn't believe Obama was crazy enough to come at him. Sometimes you need some crazy shit to change something. Steve Jobs was crazy, now we're all on Steve Jobs phones. They say Trump is crazy. They say I'm crazy. But I'm here to show love. We're going to make it through."

Finally, Kanye concluded: "It is free love; it is the spirit. You had in the office, Tupac and John Lennon on the wall. I don't want to be the third one, but I'm willing to be the third one for free love, on that wall. You understand what I'm saying?"

"People don't want to accept forgiveness and love like you said, you can't love everyone," Kanye told TMZ host Harvey Levin. "But does God want you to love everyone? Do you believe in God?"

"If you start thinking about love, feeling love, and thinking about forgiveness, you can overcome things," Kanye added. "I think love conquers all. I know, not think, I know from the bottom of my soul, gut, spirit, and subconscious that love is the strongest force in the universe, and right now we need love. We need the moment when South Korea and North Korea reconnect. We need the moment when we go down to Charlottesville and go to those houses. We need to break down race."

"We talk about race so much we don't even talk about class," Kanye added. "There's a class war happening right now too. And the class war is one of the reasons why Trump won because Obama was so high class that it stopped speaking to the lower and the middle class. He's so classy"

"To break the classes we have to start loving ourselves," he said. "What you say to somebody is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, what you put into the world."

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