CNN's Chris Cuomo To Netanyahu: Time For Israel To "Come Clean" About Its Nuclear Capability


Tuesday on CNN's 'New Day', Chris Cuomo suggests to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel needs to be "honest" about its nuclear weapons capabilities. Israeli has denied having nuclear weapons for decades however researchers believe they may have acquired a stockpile of nuclear bombs as early as 1967. Israel has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

CHRIS CUOMO: The idea of disclosure. Iran won't tell the truth, we had to guy in there and steal this information so we could know the truth. Disclosure, as an issue, should work every way. The United States should say what it has, you know where I'm going with this.

A yes or no question for you: Does Israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons, yes or no?

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: We've always said we won't be the first to introduce it, so we won't introduce it. And I'll tell you one thing, we've never called for the annihilation of another country.

CUOMO: That is not an answer to the question. Do you have them or not?

NETANYAHU: it is as good an answer as you're going to get.


CUOMO: But you know what [Iran's] take on this is, you won't even confirm that you having nuclear weapons when the world already believes that you do. Why? Why keep that quiet?

NETANYAHU: You can make all your assumptions. One thing is clear, Israel is not threatening the annihilation of another country.

Watch Netanyahu's full, unedited interview below:

And also Netanyahu's appearance on rival morning show 'Fox & Friends':

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