FNC's Ed Henry: WH Correspondents Association Should Apologize To Sarah Sanders For "Disgusting" Jokes


On Sunday morning's 'Fox & Friends,' FOX News Channel White House correspondent, and former president of the WH correspondents' association, Ed Henry responded to the off-color jokes Comedian Michelle Wolf made about WH press secretary Sarah Sanders at the Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night.

Henry said he hopes and "prays" that Bloomberg's Margaret Talev, the current president of the association, will apologize to the press secretary before Monday's briefing.

"I was there for it," Henry said about the dinner. "It was disgusting, despicable. Sarah Sanders should get an apology from the White House Correspondents Association… and what a contrast to what the president was doing. Talking about issues people actually care about."

"I spoke to the [WH press association] president Margaret Talev last night after the dinner, and I told her to her face, look, this is not your fault. There is a First Amendment in this country, whether you like it or not, and a comedian can end up saying whatever they want, however vile it is. But the association has the power."

"I told her that I thought it was disgusting and vile. What I didn't say, which I'll call her tomorrow and say... you guys should put out at least a statement of apology to Sarah Sanders, who you work with professionally... To go after her physical appearance, to say some of these things, were obviously so far beyond the line."

"I was wrong," he also said. "He’s never gonna go to this dinner and he shouldn’t. What happened to Sarah Sanders last night was disgusting, and I say that as a former president of the White House Correspondents Association who oversaw that dinner in 2013. It was awful."

Henry's full ten minute segment:

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