Full Replay: President Trump And Angela Merkel Take Questions On Iran, Trade, North Korea


President Trump hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House Friday for a joint press conference where trade, Russia, Syria, and Iran were hot topics for questions. The president also likely spoke about his upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in light of hugely successful talks today between Kim and his South Korean counterpart.

After President Trump's well-received meeting with French President Macron earlier this week, Trump was under pressure to have an equally chummy relationship with the German head of state.

President Trump struck a more hopeful tone on Iran than he did when he met the French President on Thursday, saying: "They're Not Going To Be Doing Nuclear Weapons, You Can Bank On It"

He expressed hopeful optimism on North Korea, promising "We Will Not Repeat The Mistake Of Past Administrations" and adding that In The Past, North Korea Played Us "Like A Fiddle"


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