Tucker Carlson: NBC Endorsing Joy Reid, Trying To Convince People Her Lies Are True


Tucker Carlson delivers commentary on NBC News backing Joy Reid on her anti-gay blog posts from the mid- to late-2000s. From the Wednesday edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News:

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Kanye West says the mob can't "make him not love Donald Trump." And so, the Internet is melting down. What's going on in this country? Is it a realignment or something weird? We'll get to it in just a minute.

But, first, good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. We want to start with Joy Reid. If you've got a TV, you may know who she is.

She's the host of a weekly show on MSNBC. She's an icon on the progressive left. There is not a single fashionable opinion that Joy Reid doesn't have or isn't happy to denounce you for not having. She's a total star in Brooklyn, of course.

But she wasn't always this way and didn't always have these beliefs. Back in 2006, Joy Reid sounded like a very different person.

On her blog at the time, she opposed gay marriage, mocked gay people and people she thought were gay.

Now, given where she is now, these are obviously highly embarrassing opinions to have had. When the posts were discovered, she had a couple of options. She could have just apologized. People change their opinions all the time. And good for them. Why wouldn't they change their opinions? America has changed, is changing.

So, an honest explanation would have been just fine and we would have defended her in that, of course.

But that's not what Joy Reid did. Instead, she lied about it. She claimed she never wrote those blog posts in the first place. Someone else did. She said she had been hacked. Sinister agents, perhaps employed by Vladimir Putin, somehow broke into her blog retroactively to add the remarks.

It really sounds like an MSNBC segment. Part of what they run every night. She said it was a disinformation campaign waged by whom? We don't know. Shadowy forces. That was her explanation.

It was a crock - a total crock. And we know it was a crock because Reid's blog posts were archived by other websites, including the Library of Congress here in Washington, all the way back to 2006.

That means in order for her claims to be true, which they are not, the secret hacking plot must have begun at least 12 years ago before anyone knew or cared who Joy Reid was.

That's a lie. It's a childish lie. You'd have to be a moron to believe it. Yet she's telling it.

Here's the interesting part, though. NBC News is endorsing all of this as true and trying to convince other people it's true. Yesterday, the network circulated a vague report by an extremely odd person called Jonathan Nichols who says he is an independent security consultant, whatever that is, in which he affirms Joy Reid's ludicrous fantasy.

Obviously, he offers no evidence. Keep in mind that NBC, which is passing this out to other news organizations, claims itself to be a news organization. And news organizations are not supposed to lie. That's rule one.

And yet, NBC executives make a habit of lying. They lied about the "Access Hollywood" tape a couple of years ago. You'll remember that tape was leaked by NBC to David Fahrenthold at "The Washington Post" who was a college friend of NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim.

The goal in that leak was to help Hillary Clinton just two days before a presidential debate and it helped.

NBC later promised to reveal how that tape was leaked, but, of course, we haven't heard because they never told us. They lied. And they're still lying about that.

NBC also lied when it ran interference for sex attacker Harvey Weinstein, which it did repeatedly over a long period. You'll remember that network killed Ronan Farrow's investigation into Harvey Weinstein. He had the goods and yet NBC claimed that Farrow hadn't nailed down the story.

But then, he went and sold the story the next day to "The New Yorker", but NBC said it just wasn't ready yet. Another lie.

Now, NBC is helping Joy Reid lie once again. And almost nobody else in the media is saying anything about it.

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