Full Trump 'FOX & Friends' Interview: Ronny Jackson, Michael Cohen, Mueller, North Korea, Comey, Kanye


President Trump called into 'Fox & Friends' Thursday morning for almost half an hour to discuss Dr. Ronny Jackson's withdrawal, Michael Cohen, and the possible North Korea summit. Also, the president said he is disappointed in his Justice Department, called Comey's book a big mistake and thanked Kanye West for his support.

Trump also admitted that he forgot to buy Melania a birthday gift:

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Well, good morning, and I picked a very, very special day because it's Melania's birthday, so I said let's do it on Melania's birthday. So, happy birthday to Melania.

KILMEADE: All right. Hopefully, they'll be visits in between but have you decided on or do you want to tell us what you got her?

TRUMP: Well, I better not get into that because I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn’t get her so much.

I'll tell you what. She has done -- a got her a beautiful card. You know, I'm very busy to be running out looking for presents, OK? But I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.

And she did a fantastic job with France. I'll tell you what, the people of France are just -- were spellbound by what happened with their great president who just left, Emmanuel, and he is a wonderful guy with a wonderful wife.

Next the president implied that his talks this week with French President Macron "really accomplished a lot, more than anybody knows," saying he changed Macron's mind on Iran:

DOOCY: You guys got along great.

TRUMP: We did and, you know, they are both terrific people. And, Brigitte -- and we had a fantastic time.

And much more importantly, we accomplished a lot. We really accomplished a lot. More than anybody knows. You'll be seeing what we accomplished.

DOOCY: Well, give us a hint. Give us a hint.

TRUMP: Well, I think we really came to recognize the -- you know, I can say it from my standpoint but he is viewing, I believe, Iran a lot differently than he did before he walked into the Oval Office and I think that's important.

He understands where I'm coming from with respect to Iran. Iran is a real problem for this country. The president made a horrible deal.

When I say the president, I'm talking about past administration made a horrible deal giving $150 billion, giving $1.8 billion in cash -- in actual cash carried out in barrels and in boxes from airplanes. It's inconceivable -- $1.8 billion.

And all they do is scream death to America, death to America. And by the way, they're not screaming it so much anymore. They were screaming it with him. They don’t scream it with me.

We haven't seen their little boats circling our ships in the ocean lately because they know if they do circle the ships they're not going to be there very longer.

Asked about his nominations of Dr. Ronny Jackson and Mike Pompeo, he adds:

TRUMP: Well, I even told him a day or two ago. I saw where this was going.

And, you know, they're very upset because Mike Pompeo who was again, first in his class at West Point, top in his class at Harvard Law School. A brilliant guy, a great guy, and somebody I get along with very well.

You know, Mike got through and they thought they had him stopped.

The Democrats are obstructionists. It's horrible what they're doing. They're not approving people.

They're taking them out to the maximum 30 hours. That's a lot of time -- 30 hours -- to interview people that are going to be approved. I mean, they go 30 hours and then people will vote, and it's a disgrace.

In fact, they had a report the other day that at this rate it will be nine years before --

DOOCY: It's unbelievable.

TRUMP: -- they're allowed to come into government.

So you have that have given up everything. They've given up their jobs. Top-line people -- brilliant people.

They want to come in and help us in government and Chuck Schumer and the group take, you know, years to approve them -- years. We have judges that are waiting. Top of the line people. The best people in our country and --

And by the way, they're going to be approved but they take them out until the very, very end. And they said over nine years before they get approved --

KILMEADE: Mr. President --

TRUMP: -- because they're using every little trick in the book.

KILMEADE: -- Mitch McConnell could keep them seven days a week until they reach their 30 hours and make them, these men and women, stay until this gets done. Why won't he do that?

TRUMP: Well, he should be doing that and I think he will be doing that. And he should be doing that.

Honestly, the Republicans -- look, we have some absolute warriors. We have -- when I -- I just watched your show. Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows, and Matt Gaetz, and DeSantis, and so many -- Corey Lewandowski.

We have people -- Diamond and Silk are warriors, by the way. How about Diamond and Silk? They've become amazing.

You know, that started off like somebody was talking about them on the Internet. They were these two women -- these two beautiful, wonderful, women.

And I said well, let me check it out. It took me about two seconds to say start them -- it's incredible. So, Diamond and Silk, these are all warriors.

We have great people in the Republican Party and I think that, in one way, it's showing how bad, how obstructionist these Democrats are. It's a disgrace what's happening.

EARHARDT: Do you think the obstructionist window -- as Dr. Jackson says, these allegations are baseless and they're just attacking him? This is not true, he served our country but yet, he's still withdrawing his name.

So does the obstructionist win when your nominees don’t fight back?

TRUMP: Well, I could say yes. I can also say no because Doc Ronny -- you know, we call him Doc Ronny, we call him Admiral Ronny. He's an admiral, highly respected, a real leader.

And I watched what Jon Tester of Montana, a state that I won by like over 20 points. You know, really, they love me and I love them. And I want to tell you that Jon Tester -- I think this is going to cause him a lot of problems in his state.

He took a man who was just an incredible man -- an incredible man respected by President Obama. He gave him his highest rating. You saw what President Obama said.


TRUMP: President Bush -- he was the doctor to President Bush, to President Obama and the family. He's been my doctor.

And he runs a fantastic operation. You know, they have many doctors and they run a fantastic operation.

And honestly, I said it to him. He didn’t come to me. I said, you know, Doc, you run a great operation. How do you think you'd do at the V.A.?

Now, we can talk about experience but the V.A. -- when you think about 13 million people --

DOOCY: Sure.

TRUMP: -- you could take the head of the biggest hospital corporation of the world and it's peanuts compared to the V.A., so nobody has experience, you know. It's a big monster.

And I'm really proud of the job we've done for the V.A. because we got -- we're working right now on Choice and really big -- but we got rid of so many rules and regulations that made it impossible and we're really doing great at the V.A.

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