Tucker Carlson to Rep. Jim Jordan: Time To Stop Running Against Hillary Clinton


FNC's Tucker Carlson speaks to Rep. Jim Jordan about why Republicans still focus so much time and attention on Hillary Clinton instead of fulfilling their promises or legislating.

"Instead of telling voters what they would do with another two years in office," Carlson said, "they've decided to run once again against Hillary Clinton."

"The appeal is obvious; nobody really likes Hillary Clinton, even people that are paid to pretend they like her," Carlson said on Tuesday night. "The downside is, it's not really a relevant argument. Hillary Clinton doesn't run anything anymore — she doesn't represent the modern Democratic Party. They've moved on to another planet."

TUCKER CARLSON: Democratic leaders are now saying things far more extreme than anything a midwestern Methodist like Hillary ever would. Somebody needs to run against them, not against the ghost of some elderly retired nominee from last cycle. Rep. Jim Jordan sounds off.

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