French President Macron: New "Big Deal" With Iran Could Include Syria Crisis


At a White House press conference with President Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron outlined the four pillars that could make up a "Big Deal" with Iran to replace the one made in 2015 by President Obama, John Kerry, and the P5+1 leaders including Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin.

Macron said he and President Trump discussed the issue during this visit, but while discussing a new deal the American president still threatened Iran: "If Iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid. Okay?"

Most importantly, Macron said the new deal could include Iran's "regional activities" as part of a fourth pillar of the deal. Iran backs military activities in Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere. The other three pillars of a deal, Macron listed as: "Nuclear on the short run, nuclear on the long run, and ballistic activity."

"Syria is part of the fourth one," Macron said. "We have to work with Iran and the different parties in the region, the P5 and our allies, is to find a third deal where we can fix the [larger] situation."

"This is the only way to preserve sovereignty in the region and provide peace in the long run. Otherwise, we will have to come back into the region because of new terrorist groups, for sure," Macron explained.

About his conversations with President Trump, Macron said: "I'm very happy about the discussion we had together. We raised very new issues and new solutions together, and especially the fact that the Syrian crisis... should be part of this broader picture."

"We are today in Syria together as an international coalition against ISIS, but tomorrow we will have to find a way to fix the situation from a political point of view, not automatically a military point of view."

"This means to set up a series of agreements, part of this Big Deal in order to be sure that Syria tomorrow will be a sovereign country... with free people."

President Trump added: "I think we will have a good shot at doing a much bigger, maybe deal, maybe not deal. We're going to find out fairly soon."

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