Devin Nunes On Russia Probe Origin: "Major Irregularities" At State Dept, Sidney Blumenthal Involved


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says on 'Sunday Morning Futures' with Maria Bartiromo that potential "major irregularities" exist at the State Department with regard to how the FBI found out about the George Papadopoulos meeting with a Russian national that led to the FBI's original investigation into potential Trump/Russia collusion.

DEVIN NUNES: It took a long time to actually get this... the original intelligence, the original reasons that the counterintelligence investigation was started.

This is really important to us because a counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services, that are not supposed to be used on American citizens. So we've wanted to know what intelligence they had that actually led to this investigation.

So what we found now, after investigators have reviewed it is that, in fact, there was no intelligence.

Nunes next speaks about confirming that the "Five Eyes" spying agreement between the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is not the origin of the spying on Papadopoulos, adding: "We are not supposed to spy on each other's citizens, and it worked well."

NUNES: As you know, we are investigating the State Department, we think there are some major irregularities at the State Department, and we're trying to figure out how this information about Papadopoulos, of all people, who was supposedly met with some folks in London, how that made it across to the FBI's hands.

We know a little bit about that because of what some of the State Dept. officials themselves have said about that.

So we were glad to get this behind us, but as we peel another piece back, it leaves more unanswered questions.

MARIA BARTIROMO: You're telling us that in order for the FBI and DoJ to launch an investigation into so-called collusion between Trump and the Russians, there was no intelligence used? So I don't understand, how did this investigation start?

NUNES: I think that is the point. We don't understand, we've never understood. We don't have access to these finished intelligence products, and we've never seen one. We thought maybe one went through a different channel that was kept really secret... well, in fact, after our investigators reviewed this, there was no Five Eyes intelligence product, as has been reported. There was no product. And I think that is a major problem...

At the highest level, what is this about? A counterintelligence operation that was at the height of the political campaign, where you opened up an investigation, using these intelligence services to spy on the other campaign, it is really serious stuff...

I can tell you we now longtime associates of Hillary Clinton, including Sidney Blumenthal and Corey Shearer, were actively giving information to the State Dept. that was making its way to the FBI... So we know this was at least from two witnesses, and so we're trying to piece all that together.

There was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation, we know that Sidney Blumenthal and others wee pushing information into the State Department.

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