Begala: Comey "Has Already Wiggled" On Trump Being Compromised By Russians


Paul Begala reacts to Jake Tapper's interview with James Comey on his CNN show Thursday afternoon.

PAUL BEGALA: If you're a witness, if this were James Comey's case he would never want one of his witnesses writing a book and giving dozens of interviews. And I have seen some of his friends say, well, and they have a good point, he is smart, locked down the testimony but he is already wiggled a bit. He's already moved a bit.

He told George Stephanopoulos that it was possible that the president was compromised by the Russians and told you it was possible but unlikely. He told the Congress under oath the election played no role, the polls and the election played no role in the 11 days out he wrote the famous letter about the e-mails. Then he said in interviews, well yeah, I guess I did presume Hillary [was going to win].

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