Former President George W. Bush Fears People Are "Forgetting The Lessons Of 9/11"


Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s 'Mornings with Maria' Bartiromo, former President George W. Bush warned that "some people are forgetting the lessons" of the September 11 terror attacks.

Bartiromo asked: "As we see what’s happening in the world today from North Korea and Syria we still have these radicals trying to undo who we are, your thoughts on what to do and how to respond to what’s happening."

GEORGE W. BUSH: People are forgetting the lessons of 9/11. And one of the major lessons of 9/11 is the human condition elsewhere matters to our national security. It’s in our nation’s interest for women to be successful in the Middle East for example, or for civil society to take hold. Because it’s with civil society and people having a say in the future of their governments that the foundation for peace is laid.

So my thoughts are, remember the lessons of 9/11.

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